Compose Digital

About Compose Digital

Compose Digital hopes to provide solutions that can help to increase productivity or turn tedious steps into automated processes, like what we have done on Tag Engine solution, we streamline the process by a number of simple steps to reduce the repetitive process. It is a great commercial printing solution, saving time and reducing waste.

Compose has a strong software development team that focuses on pre-press and printing solutions tailored to market needs, such as tags and variable data. At the same time, we also develop a solutions for many brand manufacturers, working on printer drivers by adding additional features to improve the performance of the printer.

We believe that the printing industry is facing problems on productivity, saving costs, and increasing environmental awareness. Using software solutions to find an answer is much more efficient, we will use our experience to optimize and strive to achieve these goals.

Any customer who purchases products from Compose Digital will have at least the first year on free technical support. During this year, we will be happy to solve the problem for any customer by phone, email or onsite support if appropriate. Helping customers to reduce down time will be our objective. 

An annual maintenance contract can be provided if necessary, to cover software upgrades, bug fixes or operational training.

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