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Andy Psarianos, F.E.Burman director in charge of development
Founded in 1958, London based 
F.E.Burman Limited is a well known supplier of high quality short run printing and digital media services. However, for numerous British publishing houses, F.E.Burman is also a synonym for rock solid web-based production tools. The company supports its customers in a variety of print and data handling tasks including magazine production, handling advertising mate-rial, and commercial print and mailing services. Clients include publishing houses such as Condé Nast Publications, The Guardian Newspaper Group, the British Medical Journal and The Economist.

callas pdfToolbox: digital gatekeeper for Penthion Media Technologies

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Jan-Peter Tjepkema, Owner and Managing Director
With the rising amount of new publication channels on the market, publishers not only need to publish content but also manage it. This has lead to a significant growth in the demand for content management solutions over the past years. Additionally publishers are more frequently looking for self-service environments to reduce the in-house cost of supporting their clients.


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Fred Soar, Managing Director

Focus on customers

Soar Printing, an Auckland based company that was founded back in 1920 as a family busi-ness, is considered to be at the forefront of the printing industry in New Zealand. Soar Print-ing now employs over 70 people and they offer an extensive range of services, from short run digital printing to long run offset printing and large format poster prints. Within their specific industry segments, the Soar divisions are market leaders utilizing the latest technology to de-liver the best possible result.

Ronald van der Meer, Co-ownerThe callas pdfToolbox Server, isn’t that the workflow package that is especially suitable for larger companies? “Could be,” says Ronald van der Meer of Pim Print in Roelofarendsveen, “but we control our production with this software and we are very happy with it.”Pim Print’s current premises, a former bulbshed, are bursting at the seams. Expansion on a recently purchased building plot nearby is in the pipeline. The company’s founder, Pim van der Meer, started his company in 1982. Ronald van der Meer - no relation - joined the company in 1997, and he became its co-owner in 2012. “The biggest change was without a doubt the digitization of our production and the arrival of a number of SRA3 volume printers and two wide format inkjet plotters. We took our most important decision four years ago by putting our money on web-based selling”, says Ronald.

SHOWPAD a full-featured sales and presentation tool for tablets – builds on callas pdfToolbox to support PDFPeter Minne






Peter Minne, Co-Founder & CTO
Showpad enables companies to turn their tablets into sales and presentation tools. It allows controlled distribution of content that is always up-to-date, follows company-branding rules and provides in-depth usage feedback. The platform provides a win-win for sales reps, sales and marketing managers and customers.