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UV Spot Varnish Inkjet Printer; Gold foiling, iCueJet 370

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Digital UV + Gold foiling Printer


Nanjing, China

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COASO is a company located in Nanjing China, a well-established company famous with their Innovative ideas and good engineering background.

coaso logo ScreenShotiCueJet 370 is the fourth along a succession of bespoke products. COASO has a unique solution for printing color images onto a metal coin surfaces, more importantly it is always spot on at the same place. Then a highspeed water bottle cap machine for printing high volume on demand bottle cap at short print runs. 

Before producing iCueJet 370, they had a go at an envelope printing machine which customer requires precision, high performance as well as durability for working long hours. This machine meets all its requirement which prompted iCuejet 370 to be the next succession machine using clear UV ink. Customer can safely expect this spot varnishing machine will inherit all the characteristics from the previous succesors for high quality, high performance and high durability as a production machine. 

Image 02iCuejet’s ergonomic design, is intended to let operators to reach any part of the machine with ease.  Most accessible parts are placed at a human reachable height, avoid lifting and bending over during operation. Printing heads are kept in a convenient position with minimum effort for cleaning and maintenance. The Ink system is designed to be replenished without any stoppage, allowing the machine to operate nonstop for long hours.

Printing heads is produced by the industrial renounced manufacturer, XAAR of United Kingdom. Its unique head technology is well adopted by the industry for its reliability and performance. The heads can produce 8 different dot sizes in a single pass of printing, allowing a much greater flexibility on putting a 3D image on paper or any other substrates.

Operation of iCueJet is simple, the ease of use interface allows anyone to pick up the operation without difficulty. Machine is equipped with a camera system to accurately locate its registration marks before printing. Any discrepancy will be self-corrected internally by system software, which ensure production can be performed with minimum human intervention.

Another clear advantage on iCueJet is the ability to print variable data text directly without having to go through the process of pre-processing before printing, greatly reduce preparation time especially when it comes to printing a personalize products in any large quantity. Compose’s VDP solution - Velocity, can offer variable data printing with Text, Images, Color images, Bar code, and color QR Code.

Clear benefit on using iCuejet 370 for Spot varnish

Image 03With iCuejet 370, you can print high glossy images, on any substrates without applying primer on the printing substrates. This will allow premium products to be printed on its original surfaces. Machine can be fine-tuned to produce 1% to 100% density of ink, providing a vivid looking feel to any demanding premium products.

Highlight effect

iCuejet 370 allows you to print on any substrates, whether it is a Toner based substrates or conventional offset printing. Using different density on any color, especially metallic color, will bring out the best-looking effect on the substrate, enhancing the look and feel of the end products.

Variable data Printing

Compose’s VDP solution - Velocity, offers the ability to print variable data in different options. It offers security verification, quality control and logical selection. It also has a unique function to generate text matters without having to create a layer for varnishing process. Other than that Velocity can take care of variable data printing on images, color images, Barcode and QR codes.

iCueJet 370 can work seamlessly with Velocity for variable data printing, offering customers the ability to print only one copy at a time and comfortable with any high volume printing that do not comeby everyday. 

Braille Printing

iCuejet’s Innovative Braille solutions is designed to offer helps to the visually impaired people, with a much easier way to print and produce. It can be tie to any desktop publishing solution to create the artwork, iCueJet 370 will print precisely and accurately on any substrate supported.

What is good for iCuejet 370?

COASO is good for printing anything that can be printed effectively on substrates. Using Compose digital enhancement method, printed brochures, folders, packaging boxes, and name cards, can easily uplift itself with a new look and feel, adding a little bit of class to the finishing. At the end of day, anything that can improve on Print would mean increasing value on the product, increasing margin and secure customers loyalty.

COASO iCueJet 370 Specification 

Let’s work together.


coaso logo ScreenShot

We have been working with COASO for a while, really appreciate the fact that they are technically competent. The newly introduced iCuejet 370 UV varnish machine with hot stamping function was completed ahead of schedule.  There will be many new features added to enhance its application, increase productivity to please different class of customers.   

Compose Digital is proud to be a partner on this development, we will endeavour to improve its performance to satisfy the growing demand from different sectors. 


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