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UV Spot Varnish Inkjet Printer; Gold foiling, iCueJet 370

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ColorLogic GmbH


Hamburg, Germany

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ColorLogic is a independent, technology driven company, specialized in Color management solutions for preparing Color Profiles and Ink Optimization. People are getting amazing accurate results on Ink Optimization and Multi Color profiles - a trend for printing CMYK + RBB or Violet and Green

 Meet the ColorLogic team

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ColorLogic has developed an extensive portfolio and a line of first class color management technologies since being founded in 2002. Our team is continually encouraged to improve product quality and create new technology to solve day to day color management challenges in order to meet the high demands of the industry. We achieve this by working closely with our trusted partners to serve our common clients in the most effective way possible while addressing the continuously changing market requirement with innovative solutions.

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ColorLogic is an independent technology driven company developing first class color management technologies and products.

“We pride ourselves on maintaining focus on the continual improvement of color technology”.

With the combined expertise of the ColorLogic team, we have built a solid foundation which allows us to consistently meet the high demands of the industry and to continue be the most innovative and trustworthy partner when it comes to color.

ColorLogic CMM

Our fully ICC-compliant, modular engine to drive your color management solution.

  • Allows to integrate custom (proprietary) transformations
  • High performance (allows to create link over different color transformations)
  • 8bit, 16bit or full precision
  • Simple and straight forward C-API
  • Platform independent (Windows, OS X, Linux on request)


Build your own profiles based on the production-proven ColorLogic technology. Those profiles may be processed by our CrossXColor CMM or any other ICC-compliant CMM.

  • Supports all kind of profiles (output, DeviceLink, named, abstract)
  • Flexible solution for all profiling needs (linearization, TAC limit, ink splitting, color separation, device profiling, DeviceLink conversion, proofing,profile update, iteration, spot colors)
  • All color spaces (Gray, RGB, CMYK, Multicolor up to 10 channels)
  • Profiles based on colorimetric or spectral data
  • Allows to calculate any kind of DeviceLink between different color spaces (e.g. RGB-2-CMYK, CMYK-2-MC,…) /p>
  • Platform independent (Windows, OS X, Linux on request)

Smart Color Server

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Let’s work together.


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We have been working with COASO for a while, really appreciate the fact that they are technically competent. The newly introduced iCuejet 370 UV varnish machine with hot stamping function was completed ahead of schedule.  There will be many new features added to enhance its application, increase productivity to please different class of customers.   

Compose Digital is proud to be a partner on this development, we will endeavour to improve its performance to satisfy the growing demand from different sectors. 


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Watch video Introduction on iCueJet 370


The success story of COASO